Product Care


Leather can last for many years with the right amount of care and upkeep. Dusting leather furniture on a regular basis keeps it clean and prevents any damage. Try to avoid contact with water or spills as this will result in marks on the leather. If you do have a spill, clean it straight away and we recommend sourcing a quality leather cleaner and following the instructions by the cleaning product manufacturer.

When placing your leather furniture items around the home, avoid direct sunlight and keep items away from direct heat such as heating vents, fireplaces, etc. Avoid placing sharp objects such as buckles, pens, keys or heels onto the fabric as it will cause cuts and tears in the leather.


All velvets are recommended to be Dry Clean Only to maintain the best appearance of the pile. Do not spot clean as this can cause markings on the fabric.

If the pile does become disturbed this may result in areas of the pile appearing lighter or darker in shade. A hard clothes brush can help keep the pile looking plush. Just brush the velvet softly in the direction of the piles. If the velvet is dusty, then you can vacuum clean the velvet on an upholstery setting, following the direction of the pile. Avoid placing sharp objects such as buckles, pens, keys or heels onto the fabric as it will cause damage.


Use a vacuum cleaner with an appropriate attachment to remove any dust and avoid hard brushing as this may cause snagging of threads. If thread does become loose or snagged, avoid pulling it and simply cut it off. Avoid placing sharp objects such as buckles, pens, keys or heels onto the fabric as it will cause snagging of threads.

Hardwood & Timber

Hardwood and Timber are natural products and therefore each wooden/timber item is unique and will vary in pattern, colour, grain and markings. Regularly dust surfaces by wiping with a dry, soft cloth. If spills occur, blot immediately and wipe with a damp cloth using water only. We recommend avoiding the use of cleaners as they have chemicals that may tarnish or damage the finish. Please be sure to use a coaster or placemat when necessary to protect the finish from direct heat.


Direct sunlight can harm your items particularly prolonged exposure. It can cause leather and fabrics to fade and may also cause excessive drying. Timber products can also begin to warp. Be mindful of direct sunlight when placing your products within your home and consider use of blinds and curtains.

Marble & Terazzo

Each marble and terrazzo piece is unique in markings, patterns and colour variation. Please also note that the colour and tone of marble, can also develop over time. Your marble and terrazzo pieces should not encounter hot and/or wet materials. We recommend using coasters, placemats, table cloths and table runners to protect surfaces from heat and stains.

Wash marble & terrazzo surfaces with clean water and a mild cleaner. Any liquid spills should be wiped clean immediately. Remove dirt and dust by wiping with a warm, damp cloth.

Metal Finishes

For daily care, dust the surfaces of your items to avoid build up. This helps to prevent any long-term rusting of the metal or chrome surfaces. Due to the finish, scratches may show up more easily. Abrasive/sharp objects and cleaning products should be avoided, including steel wool, and scouring pads as they will scratch and damage the metal surface. Always use coasters when placing glasses, bottles, or cups on the surface. Any liquid spills should be wiped clean immediately using a clean dry cloth. 


For regular care, dust the surfaces of your items to avoid build up and use a glass cleaner with an appropriate soft cloth when cleaning. Hot objects should not be placed directly onto glass surfaces. We recommend the use of coasters and mats to protect the glass. Avoid contact with sharp or hard objects as this will cause scratching.