An Interview with Co Director Michelle Davis on Motherhood and Business Growth in 2023

Motherhood & Business Growth: An interview with Co-Director Michelle Davis

Starting a business and becoming a mother can both be incredibly challenging and rewarding experiences. For Co Director Michelle Davis, these two worlds collided when she had her son, Harry. In this interview, we discuss the growth of M+Co Living and M+Co Property since Harry's arrival, how motherhood has influenced her involvement in the business, and her tips for new mothers.

Around the time of Harry's birth, M+Co Property had an established team of trades and stylists, while M+Co Living was in the process of designing its showroom and selecting furniture. Since then, both branches of the business have grown significantly, with an even larger and stronger team. Despite becoming a mother, Michelle remains involved in the background, focusing on larger interior design projects and supporting the team when needed.

When asked about what has worked for her and Harry, Michelle mentions both naptime and daycare were really helpful to their routine. On the otherside she found bringing him into the showroom, and still expecting to get her work done, didn't work. So as they do - they adapt together!

Her top three tips for new mothers would be;

1. To not put too much pressure on themselves or compare themselves to others

2. Know that sleep will return

3. Enjoy the precious time when the baby is not yet crawling or walking

Motherhood is the hardest and most challenging but also the most incredible gift she has ever undertaken. She lives by the belief that one is always stronger than they think.

When it comes to inspiration, all mothers inspire her.

Looking ahead, Michelle is excited to see the business continue to grow and to embrace new opportunities. With her experience as a businesswoman and a mother, there's no doubt that M+Co will continue to thrive.

Michelle Davis & son Harry Michelle Davis & son HarryMichelle Davis & son HarryHarry Davis