Polaris 1000E

The 1000E is the middle-sized Polaris fire that like the others can be installed in many ways; one sided, two sided or three sided.
This compact and versatile electric fireplace can be styled with flat black or stainless-steel trims
You can create a fire look, which is completely unique. Whether that’s toning down the flames to showing red-hot embers on the fire bed, or maybe you want a strong, fast flame (there are 5 flame speeds) to warm a room on a cold evening – it’s totally up to you.
Each model in the Polaris range can easily be configured for single sided, two sided or three-sided applications.

Key Features

  • Realistic flame effect. Choice of 3 flame colours.
  • 5 flame speeds.
  • Active glowing ember fuel bed: 5 brightness settings.
  • 13 different colours.
  • Hand painted logs as standard. No logs are repeated in a set, genuinely realistic look.
  • The fuel bed also includes embers and bark.
  • LED technology means low running costs and long-life usage.

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