Coupe Series

The Kemlan Coupe Series is a double-sided unit that comes in in-built or wall penetration models.

The Kemlan Coupe burns safely, with the flame behind two large, strong ceramic glass viewing areas on either side. The advanced air wash system keeps the ceramic glass clean throughout the life of the fire and the full shielded firebox incorporates a two-way natural convection system.

Beautifully distributing warmth evenly between two rooms and an optional two-speed fan is available to increase circulation with fan forced convection.

As a large double-sided convection heater, the Coupe is a powerful fireplace, perfect for large open plan areas.

The Coupe’s unique double fronted design allows it to be loaded from both sides. This is a practical, efficient and space saving way to divide two rooms.

When installed in a wall between two rooms, such as a lounge and family room, the heat can be transferred evenly throughout the home. With a single flue system the fire can be viewed in both rooms simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Firebrick-lined floor with baffle plate and 6mm steel back plate fora robust and durable firebox
  • Unique double-sided fire
  • Can be loaded from either side
  • Pre-heated air-wash system ensures a clean view from both sides
  • Suits single or double brick install
  • 2 speed fan standard
  • Satin Black standard
  • 6mm laser cut mild steel firebox
  • Unique Pyro-ceramic baffle
  • Proudly made in Australia with a 10-year warranty
  • 3mm mild steel secondary air tubes that will give a long life through many years of hot burns

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Premium ceramic baffles that will never bow or wear out from excessive heat

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